Online Services

Gateway Bank will be launching a new website for our visitors, as well as changing our email addresses to provide better security for our clients. Read on to learn more.

New Gateway Bank Website

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching a new mobile-friendly website. The new website domain will be but visitors can also access the site using our old domain

Our new website will have a variety of new features including;


•  Financial Calculators

•  A search feature to help you quickly find information

•  A location and ATM finder

•  The ability to easily view pages from any device

•  Updated pages with a refreshing look


Will This Affect My Online Banking?

No, your online banking login information and account history will not change. Our online banking platform will stay the same.

Why Are We Making a New Website?

We understand that having a mobile-friendly website is becoming an increasingly important part of the banking world. We want to provide visitors with the best banking experience so that they can gather information and find answers quickly while on the go.


New Gateway Bank Emails

What’s Changing?

We are updating the email addresses for all our associates.



Why Are Email Addresses Changing?

Our updated email addresses will use the .BANK domain to provide an even greater level of security to our clients. Since the start of COVID-19, email based cyberattacks have been on the rise with more people trying to take advantage of remote workers, higher volume of emails, and overall anxiety about finances. As digital banking continues to become an even more important part of banking, we want to provide the best security for our clients.

Our new .BANK domain provides extra protection against email based cyberattacks as well as spoofing of websites. Our clients will easily be able to verify that an email or website belongs to our bank.

What Do I Need to Do Differently?

Nothing. You can still send emails to our associates at their former email addresses and they will receive them. You may notice future emails from us will come from our new (.bank) domain, so just be aware that this is a trusted source.


Thank you for being a great client and making Gateway Bank such a great place to bank and work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 651-209-4800.